Sunday, 4 June 2017

Missing June.

Today didn't go so well.

I 'overdid' things a bit of Friday and then did the same again on Saturday when we went to watch the cricket for a while.

Everything started to hurt more and more.

Today I had to give Robyn a lift in the morning and found that every bump on the road, every gear change was screaming agony.

So it wasn't the most fun journey of recent times.

Worse, as I waited for her in the car park, I had plenty of time for some sad memories; six years ago this week I went on my last holiday. Little did I know it would be my last chance - if I had I'd have been in Italy.

As it was I had four nights camping in Cornwall, not quite the same thing.

I should be more grateful; there were wild cliff walks and I saw a basking shark arrive all the way from the Caribbean for the summer. I collected sea glass and ate fish and chips.

But every night the weather was appalling - storms and horizontal rain and I was sleeping in a tent that cost me £11-99p in Lidls.

Every night I swore I'd go home early and then in the morning the weather would be wonderful and I'd give it another day.

June is the best time of the year; sunny days, bobbling clouds and long, long evenings.

I miss it.

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  1. Yes, June is a great month. Make some new memories.