Friday, 9 June 2017

Election night 2017.

Well, I settled down to watch the election results; I warned Robyn that I wasn't going to be worth talking to the next day and that if things went particularly badly I might well attack the TV.

As it was, I was almost as surprised by the exit poll which came out at 1000pm as the BBC pundits were.

I spent the rest of the night marvelling as the results came in; Theresa May had lost, although Labour hadn't done well enough to win. The tories could only hold onto power by doing a deal with the 'Democratic' Unionist party - the political wing of the Ulster Defence Association.

In other words we now have a bunch of religious and political fascists determining what happens to us.

Jeremy Corbyn played a blinder. All the right Labour M.P's who had been planning another assault on his leadership following the election campaign were talking through gritted teeth.

Apart from the politics, Theresa May is the person who tried to deport my Robyn under threat of arrest and imprisonment. She fought our appeal all the way and seizing her passport for a year which prevented us from having a holiday during the last period when I was well enough to have travelled abroad.

It also prevented us from marrying for a year and then when we had a date and had made our preparations, her Home Office forced us to cancel everything, postpone it and rearrange the date - for no purpose whatsoever.

However badly she feels now, having messed up everything, is just a fraction of what she deserves.

Worst of all she is back in power and as a result of that old age pensioners will lose their winter heating allowance, primary school children will lose their meals and we will all be worse off as the services we all rely on will be cut back.

Now we need to get her out before I kick the bucket.

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  1. Well it was all over the US news this morning that Labour didn't win but May lost.